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Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp

The Team

Production by

Anna Westerling & Anders Hultman


Anna & Anders have done several big productions, beginning with the now iconic larp A Nice Evening with the Family (2007) based on several nordic plays by Ibsen, Strindberg and Vinterberg. The have since then hosted the Nordic conference Knutpunkt (2010), done the edgy convention Höjdpunkt (2008) and produced Stockholm Scenario Festival four times since 2013. They have also produced the book Nordic Larp together and participated in the nanogame collection #feminism.



Our crew will include Jeppe Bergman-Hamming, Maria Bergman-Hamming, Jennie Borgström, Elsa Helin, Frida Karlson-Lindgren, Daniel Kraukis, Anna-Karin Linder, Mikaela Lindh, Gustav Nilson, Martin Rother-Schirren, Sabina Sonning, Daniel Sundström,  Joel Östlund and more.

Music: Susanne Gräslund, Henrik Summanen, Niclas Hell & Elsa Helin.

Dance: Ylva Berry & Jacob Ordeberg

Costume: Anders Hultman & Mikaela Lindh

PR: Mia Häggström

Photo: Kalle Lantz & Frida Selvén

Design and illustration: Janetta Nyberg & Lotta Westholm

Editing: Lizzie Stark, Jason Morningstar, Sarah Lynne Bowman

See presentations below.

Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp


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Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
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