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Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp


Frequently asked questions

Where is the larp set?

The setting of the larp is in the time of Jane Austen in the village of Primrose where the English upper class comes to enjoy the water, socialize, party and find a partner to marry. Read more here.

What can I play?
  • Either a male or female character.

  • Either a young unmarried person or an older parent.


You can play either of these no matter your age and what gender you identify with off-game. Read more here.

What will I get to play?
  1. Family game - you will be part of a family with relationships to parents, siblings, etc. and create classical family game there.

  2. Romance game - you will be part of a romance group where you can fall in love, get your heart broken, be rivals to someone, plot to destroy a love story, be loved, or love someone who doesn’t reciprocate, and much more. The romance game isn’t just the happy love story, but all the plotting and feelings around it.

During the few days, you will be drawn between fortune and felicity, romance and realism, and, hopefully, find an ending worthy of your characters.

What will I  do during the experience?

Before the larp begins, we will have scheduled workshops and drama exercises to prepare you before the game. During the larps, there will be activities such as poetry-reading, painting, badminton, theatre-reading, archery, duelling, decorating of hats, etc. - all with the purpose of pushing your game. There will be a ball with dancing each night to push your love stories even further. Read more here.

How do you create a safe experience for all?

Each group, both family and romance, will consist of 8 people and be lead by a gamemaster. You are 8 people in order for you to be few enough so all can be seen, and large enough for you to create many interesting relationships and plots. Each group will have a gamemaster that will lead you in creating your story and help you if you need anything. If at any point you need to talk to an organizer, you can always find a gamemaster or go to our staffed off-game room and talk.  

How and when do I get my character?

You will be cast and get a written character in March.

What do I need to do before the larp?

Read your character and get a costume. We understand that you are a busy person and will do workshops and everything as a part of the experience on location. If you want to talk relations with people before you are free to do so, but we do not expect it.

When, where and how?

May 24-28th 2017 at Medevi Brunn, Motala, Sweden in English for 150 players. Read more here.

How do I sleep and eat?

You sleep in hotel or or hostel rooms with sheets and towels provided by Medevi Brunn. Medevi brunn will give you three meals a day. Read more here.

What to wear and bring?

Our guidelines for costumes focus on looking good and feeling right for your character rather than be historically correct. For the ladies, your costumes can be between 1790-1820, and the men’s can be between 1790-1910. Read more here.

Who are the organizers?

We are a group of people from the Nordic countries with a passion for larp, classical stories, dancing and art that have come together in order to create something special for you all. The group is lead by producers Anna Westerling and Anders Hultman, who have larped for more than 20 years and done productions together for over 10 years. Read more about us here.

How do I sign up?

Sign up opens January 31st at 20:00. Read more here.

What is the price?

A ticket to Fortune & Felicity costs SEK 3 400 (€ 360) if you pay all at once. If you chose to pay in parts it’s SEK 1 000 + 1 400 + 1 400. Paying all at once grants you a small discount about of 10% due to it making our lives easier and reduces administration.

Can I pay some now and the rest later?

Yes you can. You can pay in three installments starting with SEK 1 000. Read more here.

Will I be able to give you more information later?

Yes, we will send out a letter with questions about dietary needs, sleeping preferences and any other request you may have.  

What is larp?

It is an artform where we improvise together as other characters in a different setting and create stories in order to give us an emotional journey. Read more here.

Can I bring children?

No. We want your full focus on the game.

Can we sign up as a group?

All signups are individual. We will do individual casting and, even if you buy a two person ticket, we will cast you individually. 

Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
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