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The Schedule

What will happen during the game?

Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp

The experience will begin Wednesday between 18:00 - 20:00, when dinner is served for all. You can arrive on location any time after 15:00 and begin to check into your rooms.


At 20:00 workshops will begin and we will do ensemble exercises, character exercises, dancing and family meetings.


Thursday workshops will continue with exercises on how to be create Austen-specific gender roles. We will meet in the romance groups, do more dancing, have lunch and begin the larp in the afternoon.


During the afternoon there will be activities such as painting, badminton, play reading, archery, fencing, decorating of hats etc. These will all be led by experienced gamemasters who focus on creating play between the people who participate. They will be presented in a program, so it is a good opportunity to pre-plan encounters between romance group members, for example at a poetry reading.


The larp is set in a full scale village, so you can also enjoy yourself by taking the waters, walking the grounds or having afternoon tea in the tea room.


Each evening there is a ball at Primrose. Before the ball you return to your rooms to change clothes for the evening and get some game time with your family. Then there will be dinner and a ball during the evening.


Friday morning we will change the chapter, and jump a few months in time by meeting in the family and romance groups. During Friday afternoon we will the continue with the activities and again during the evening there will be a ball.


Saturday will be much as Friday with an act change, activities and a ball. During sunday morning we will do debrief in both the family and the romance group.


You will go home Sunday at 13:00.

Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
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