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Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp

May 24 – 28, 2017.

Dinner is served May 24th 18:00 - 20:00. The experience begin 20:00. You may check in from 15:00.

On Sunday the experience end 13:00.


In English for 150 players.


Medevi Brunn close Motala

- a full scale village with: a ballroom, a church, a tea room, a well, hotel rooms to all etc.


You will all sleep in hotel or hostel rooms with sheets and towels in our beautiful location, Medevi Brunn. You will be sorted into rooms depending on the character you play. Most rooms are for two people and you will probably share room with one in your characters family. We will gather information from you about your off-game sleeping preferences before making the sorting and take into account the off-game gender of the player.


Medevi Brunn will provide us with three meals a day from dinner Wednesday evening to breakfast Sunday morning. Feel free to bring extra cookies and snacks, but we will provide you with food.  We will gather information about your dietary before the larp.


This is a non-alcoholic event. The drinks we serve will be in-game alcholic, but off-game not. This is because of two major reasons.


  1. This is a larp about romance, we want you to be 100% present and feel safe everybody else is to. We want a larp where the small details count, a look, the touch of a finger etc. When we drink alcohol we risk to miss them.

  2. Alcohol in Sweden is expensive so we cannot include it in the fee for the larp. This means we would have to sell it to you and who could buy would be up to your off-game economy and not your in-game lifestyle. Having an off-game bar would not contribute to the feeling of the event, and it’s much easier for us to say that all beverages that are served is in-game alcholic, but off-game not.

Getting there by car

Drive 3 hours from Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Drive 5 hours from Copenhagen or Oslo.

Getting there by bus

Get there: A bus will leave 14:00 from Arlanda Airport and 15:00 from Stockholm. It will be in Medevi brunn around 18:00.

Home: The bus will leave 13:00 from Medevi on Sunday and be in Stockholm 16:00 and Arlanda 17:00.

The bus will cost 500 SEK for a round trip and can be bought on our sign-up page here.


The location is old. Participants need to climb stairs to access some of the areas that we will occasionally use during the game. Please contact us for specific questions. 


You cannot bring children to Fortune & Felicity. We want your full focus on the game.


A ticket to Fortune & Felicity costs SEK 3 400 (€ 360) if you pay all at once. If you chose to pay in parts it’s SEK 1 000 + 1 400 + 1 400. Paying all at once grants you a small discount about of 10% due to it making our lives easier and reduces administration.

What do I get for the price
  • Full board from 2017-05-24 18:00 until 2017-05-28 13:00. This includes 4 nights, 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners and 3 lunches.

  • Linen and towels during your stay

  • Beautiful Medevi Brunn including ballroom, church, tea-room, a well and more.

  • A written character which places you in two different groups - your family and your romance group, both groups with it’s own story inspired by Jane Austen’s novels.  

  • Facilitation from our Game Masters before, during and after the game

  • Sweden in spring (priceless)


Jan 31st: Sign up opens.

March: Characters will be sent out and your groups will be created.

May 24-28th: The larp

Images from Medevi Brunn


How does it work?

Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp medevi Brunn
Fortune & Felicity Jane Austen larp
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