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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. This has never been more true than at Primrose Park - the village where the English gentry gather to take the waters, amuse themselves and find a suitable match. Similar to the modern equivalents, like the French Riviera or the Swedish Medieval week, at Primrose Park ladies and gentlemen gossip, flirt, and act with little to no consideration of the outside world.


In Primrose Park, you play as an Austen-inspired character with a family, connections and romance ahead. As part of the English upper class, you will try to find a future of both fortune and felicity for you and your family. Or will you have to choose?

During the larp we will explore the drama that revolve around passionate love, the need for money, and the silliness of people. Between each day a few months will pass in the story so characters will have the chance to visit Primrose Park during three different seasons. In that time, hearts will change, fortunes will be gained and lost, and scandals will unravel. Between each act, planned workshops will support and create the next chapter of your own personal novel.

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Fortune & Felicity Austen larp Roses Janetta Nyberg

Nordic larp

May 24-28 2017

Full scale village


In English

150 players

Fortune & Felicity Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Austen larp
...the drama between passionate love, necessity of money and the silliness of people.
Fortune & Felicity Austen larp
Fortune & Felicity Austen larp

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The end

The larp is over and this page is now here for historical reference.

You can find the Program for the event here.

If you want to read about Fortune & Felicity in the media you can find it here:

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